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Craniosacral Work

The gentle way to the health
"All life is rhythm" says the Harvard psychologist Richard Albert. The quantum physicists tell us today that everything is vibration in the universe: Of the innermost part of the atom up to the utmost one the universe. In this respect it is understandable that our nervous system also swings in a rhythm of its own.

The Cranio sacral rhythm
One calls this rhythm of the nervous system Cranio sacral rhythm. He arises from liquid (Liquor), which flows in a room between skull bones and brain. Along the spinal cord channel it is pumped up to the sacrum. This movement is as a fine rhythmical wave at the complete body to palpate. One feels her at the head (Cranium) and at the sacrum (Sacrum) particularly well. So the name also explains itself: Cranio, Sacral, therapy.

the Cranio sacral therapy has her origin in the genius William Sutherland . Already in 1920 he began to studied the movement possibilities of the skull bones and developed techniques and methods for profound corrections. These corrections can cure and make a healthy craniales system possible. 
The work, research and experiences of Hugh Milne is also particularly worth mentioning here. Through his work he puts special value on the visionary and intuitive aspects of the Cranio sacral work. 

A healthy system
A healthy Liquor movement regulates all essential body functions. He influences the nervous system, immune system, our breathing, the hormone household and blood circulation. The Liquor is authoritative for development, growth and function ability of the brain. He supplies brain and nerves with essential nutrients.

Disturbances can be triggered by accidents, stress, tense muscles and birth consequences. Usually then the skull bones or the spinal cord channel blocks and affect the free flow of Liquor. These blockades manifest themselves e.g. as migraine, lack of concentration, backache, immunodeficiency or depression.

The Craniosacral therapy
During a session the therapist will examine, if the Liquor can flow freely. This first diagnosis is made by puting the hands on the head, along the spinal column and at the sacrum of the client - however, it is also possible at other parts of the body since the rhythm should be palpably over all bones, muscles and connective tissue at the body regions. During the treatment the blocked places are solved by light train and pressure movements at the bone and muscles. Some times the skull bones can´t move freely. By a treatment with Cranio sacral therapie these blockades of the bones can be set free and the natural movement can start again. Then also the Liquor can flow between skull bones and brain freely and dissolve the e.g. existing headaches. 
The Craniosacrale therapy offers an extremely gentle approach. She respects the connections between internal organs, bones, nervous system and psyche.